MUSEO AERO SOLAR AT AEROnauten! ( July, 29th – August, 3rd )

July 31, 2009 § Leave a comment

museo aero solar piece made with Aeronauten

Hello everybody, after a few months we are back, and these days museo aero solar is working and camping at the Alter Flughafen in Kalbach/Bonames (nearby Frankfurt, Germany).

(Read below how to reach the place)

We are proud to be hosted by Till Hergenhahn and AeAeronauten_91G0459ronauten werkstatt, whose activities are an inspiring way towards a technical and practical education for everybody. Museo aero solar, the first flying museum, is a solar balloon made in different countries collecting reused plastic bags, taped together to build a flying object that challenges the laws of the air. An open, do-it-together research, discussion and workshop group…just come and join us!

All these days, between July, 29th to August, 3rd it will be an open place to people who wants to experiment with any kind of solar balloons and many other flying objects. Several people from museo aero solar group is arriving from all over Europe to the Aeronauten site at the old airport near Kalbach, to join the local groups that worked during the last months to realize a new piece for the museo aero solar. On sunday, august, 2nd, from 11am until early evening, it will be possible to see the museo aero solar balloon and visit the inside, add more reused plastic bags to the structure and learn how to build a solar balloon in a cooperative way.


july, 31st / August, 1st >  afternoon > open workshops > balloons, rockets, building and repairing museo aero solar

Sunday, august 2nd, 11am/5pm >  adding reused plastic bags, visit the inside of museo aero solar inflated (15pm), workshops.

Monday, august 3rd > early morning  (around 6am/8am) inflating and launching museo aero solar (only with good weather).




Das “Museo Aero Solar” zu Gast bei den Aeronauten

Bringt alle eure alten Plastiktüten mit!!!

Ab 11:00 Uhr kann jeder mit Hilfe der Aeronauten aus den mitgebrachten Plastiktüten eine Fläche gestalten. Diese werden nach und nach zu größeren Flächen zusammengestellt. Einzelne Flächen können auch schon im Vorfeld gebaut und mitgebracht werden. Anschließend werden diese an das bestehende museo aero solar angesetzt und bis 15:00 Uhr die letzten Löcher geflickt. Ab 15:00 Uhr werden wir den Ballon aufblasen. Durch einen Zugang ist es möglich in unseren Ballon hinein zu gehen und in zu bewundern.

Die Aeronauten-Werkstatt ist ein Projekt des
Umwelt-Exploratoriums e.V..

Till Hergenhahn, Soeren Neuperti

Umwelt-Exploratorium e.V.,
Vereinsitz: Frankfurt am Main
Bettinastraße 19
63067 Offenbach am Main
T. 069. 48 00 65 68


From the main train station (frankfurt hauptbahnhof), you’ll need to take any “S-Train”
going to the stop called “hauptwache”. it is only two stops away.
From hauptwache, take the “U-train” (underground) U2, direction “bad homburg/gonzenheim”
Your stop is called “kalbach” (takes about 20 minutes to get there).
At kalbach, exit the platform and walk in the opposite direction of the train.
I’s about a five minutes walk to the aeronauten werkstatt (see the map below)



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