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at the Alter Flughafen (AERONAUTEN WERKSTATT)

June, 22nd – 27th 2010


Here’s a sketch of the activities for the museo aero solar week. Every day the Aeronauten werkstatt is open and the museo aero solar group is waiting for you to take part in the balloon-making, discussions and other activities. There is no age limit or any particular ability you are pretended to have to give your contribution.

All the activities are taking place at the Aeronauten werkstatt in Bonames/Kalbach

(read more below about how to reach the place)

tuesday, 22nd

2pm – 5pm >> The first day we are setting up the Aeronauten werkstatt, preparing all the materials and making the “do-it-together museo kits”. But if you want to take part you are welcome to join us since today!

wednesday, 23rd

9:30am >> pupils will  build a balloon

2pm – 5pm>> Open collective work on the museo aero solar – making. Come to learn how to make solar balloons (easy!) from reused plastic bags (if you can, collect the ones you have at home and bring them with you, any colour-any size-any shape) and start preparing new sections that will be added to the museo. There could be also some tests and attempts to improve the balloon structure, the rope-system and other technical solutions.

>> The “do-it-together museo kits” will be on sale from today !

6.30pm>> There will be an open discussion about museo aero solar, its story and practice. We’ll take some decisions about the next steps and discuss how to realise museo aero solar with a different approach and in self-organised ways, starting from alternative fundraising.

[> 20:30 public viewing gemany-ghana at the towercafe, nearby the Aeronauten werkstatt]

thursday, 24th

9:30pm>> pupils will build a balloon

2pm – 5pm>> The collective work on the balloon continues.

[You are welcome to join us for the dinner, but remember to bring something to share]

20:00 >>Plastic planet (documentary)

friday, 25th

9:30pm>> pupils are building a balloon

2pm – 5pm>>We’ll repair together the balloon and continue in the making of new sections. We’ll prepare also a new kind of entrance, made of cardboard, that should facilitate the entry inside the balloon.

6.30pm>> First benefit dinner for museo aero solar: bringing food (also fresh meat for the grill) and drinks to share or buying a hand-made “museo kit” you are welcome to have dinner at the hangar. The money will be used to finance the construction of a new solar balloon.

saturday, 26th

11am – 4pm>> The work on the new sections for the balloon continues. In the afternoon these new pieces will be added to the structure of the museo aero solar.

[ Possibly, the balloon will be partially inflated inside the hangar ]

6.30pm>> Benefit dinner for museo aero solar. Bring some food and drinks to share or buy a “museo kit” to have dinner together at the hangar. Only tonight with Music!

sunday, 27th

(only in case of good weather conditions)

from 7am to about 9am >> Museo aero solar Flight !!!

We’ll see if it’s possible to lift a person, trying to calculate the weight lifted by the balloon.

As soon as you come, you’ll have the best chances to help in the preparation, learn how to fly a solar balloon and enter inside the museo (it’s worth of it!) few minutes before the launch.

>> If you can, bring coffee and something to eat and after the flight we’ll have breakfast together.

11am – 4pm>> It’s the “Bird Day”: the Aeronauten werkstatt invites you for the construction and flight of bird-kites!



From the main train station (frankfurt hauptbahnhof), you’ll need to take any “S-Train”
going to the stop called “hauptwache”. it is only two stops away.
From hauptwache, take the “U-train” (underground) U2, direction “bad homburg/gonzenheim”
Your stop is called “kalbach” (it takes about 20 minutes to get there).
At kalbach, exit the platform and walk in the opposite direction of the train.
It’s about a five minutes walk to the aeronauten werkstatt (see the map below)


for more informations write to


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