Colectivo Museo Aero Solar in la Habana

July 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

30 days of Museo in the 11th Bienal of la Habana:

After a long and difficult communication with the organisation of the Bienal and the bureaucracy  of  the Cuban system, we managed to arrive in la Habana, Cuba.

Some tapes and few plastic bags with us, just in case…..

Our preparation : some articles about the status of the plastic bag (=jaba) in cuba and get inspired by the work of a cuban artist

Plastic bags are sold in the market for 1 peso and people are used to wash and reuse them, so we didn’t feel confortable to ask people to bring  bags to us, like we usually do with Museo. However, on the floor, in la Habana and on the beach you can find a lot of plastic bags, so we started to  clean up the city and wash the bags cuban style.

Benedikte Bjerre

Then we started the workshop in the Cujae, the University of Arquitecture, where we buid up a new Museo, a small one, made out a mix of cuban and european bags, similar to the group of people that worked on it. We worked with students of different ages.

Benedikte Bjerre

The landing took place at 12 p.m., in the hottest moment of the day.

The baloon flyes!!!

 Benedikte Bjerre

Thanks again to los companeros Armando, Osmani, Claudia, Carlos y Adita.

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