Introducing A New Museo Aero Solar Website

May 20, 2015 § Leave a comment

Museo Aero Solar has a new website. Hosted at, this new site presents clear instructions on how to stage a Museo landing. Here is some of the information from the new site:

STEP ONE: Email us! Our process is automated, and your first email sets everything in motion! Be sure to put the words ‘Step One’ in your subject, and we’ll send you all the additional things you’ll need to know.


Download our construction guide and watch our videos!
Feel free to improvise and create your community balloon in a way that reflects your community.


Construct the balloon and document your story!
We at Museo Aero Solar strongly encourage a do-it-together attitude, but there’s no reason you couldn’t construct the balloon alone.
Take pictures and notes, alone or as a group, of the journey – we love to hear from those who have created balloons and how the process has made them feel.
Use the hashtag #MuseoAeroSolar or #BecomingAeroSolar on social media to be featured on our social websites!


Add yourself to the map!
After you’ve documented your story and gotten all of your pictures, add yourself to our map!


Enjoy your balloon!
You are now a member of Museo Aero Solar – go out, share your balloon, share your experiences, and we’re so happy to have you!


The wonderful photographs add a lot to the presentation, as well as this text:

Museo aero solar is a flying museum, a solar balloon completely made up of reused plastic bags, with new sections being added each time it travels the world, thus changing techniques, drawings and shapes, and growing in size every time it sets sail in the air. Museo aero solar stands for a different conception of space and energy, both anomalous and forceful at the same time. The core of the museo resides in the inventiveness of local inhabitants, not in its image: among collective action and art, do-it-together technology and experiment, it is a voyage back/forward in time.


We look forward to more news and more landings!



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