You can support our work by buying a hand-made museo “do-it-together kit” (DIT kit).


After several discussions, the museo aero solar team collectively decided to begin constructing a new museo. The current solar balloon has already reached enormous dimensions, and in good weather conditions, a flight of the museo is guaranteed. Therefore, we believe that new challenges and initiatives are awaiting us, and we are determined to keep up the pace.

By starting a new balloon, we want to brush aside a number of outmoded concepts  – such as uniqueness, authenticity, authority, intellectual property, the figure of the artist – concepts that persist to be regarded by every “real” work of art today. Contrary to the assumptions of some people or institutions, the museo aero solar is neither a flying sculpture, nor it is a symbol or an aesthetization of some good, politically correct eco-sustainable practice; nor is it the work of art of any artist, or property of any particular man, woman or group of people.  So the question that remains for now still unanswered is: «What do we want museo aero solar to become?» … followed by an echo, alike in structure but different in scope: «What do we want art, or better yet present-day arts, to become?»

What for?

Through a benefit sale of  museo do-it-together kits we aim to raise the necessary means to first build a new solar balloon and then to organize a totally independent, self-directed museo aero solar meeting that will serve as a testing ground for the discussion and experimentation of different models in art, production and economy.

What is the museo DIT kit?

The museo DIT kit includes a small piece of a started balloon, an adhesive tape, a piece of rope and a card with illustrated building instructions. The assembled piece of textile is intended to be continued by the ticket buyer and others. The ones who want to contribute to the communal building of the new museo can send or bring their pieces of balloon to our collecting point that is situated at Alter Flughafen Kalbach/Bonames, Am Burghof 55, 60437 Frankfurt, Germany.

(for more information about the place, please go to the page COLLECTION)


The money raised through the fundraising sale of museo kits will never be mixed with institutional money. Self-financing practices will continue until we have enough means to afford the organization of an autonomous museo aero solar meeting.

The prices for one museo DIT kit are the following:

  • 3€ if bought at the stalls at museo aero solar events
  • 6€ if bought online, including transaction and shipping costs (online sales will soon be available at our website through Paypal)

During the fundraising process we will keep a running update of all donations received through this and other self-financing practices.

Thank you for your support.

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